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click to see more photos of this '37 Dodge

Mr. D. Upton's '37 Dodge. Enameled emblem restoration by Emblemagic.

click to see more photos of this '52 Studebaker

Mr. J. Irwin's '52 Studebaker. Plastic insert emblem restoration by Emblemagic.

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Enameled or Cloisonné emblems

Original Enameled Emblems Restored and In Stock!

Some of the emblems may be mint original, and unrestored but the majority of the emblems listed in the following pages are restored, using vitreous hard fired enamels just like they were done originally. 

NO REPRODUCTIONS (except for some that are noted on the Miscellaneous page), all measurements in inches.

Please Note: The lists (buttons on the left) are sorted by year.  Some emblems are used over several years, but are only listed for one. If an emblem is marked [SOLD] and is grayed out, there is still a chance we have that emblem in unrestored stock. We have many more unrestored emblems.  Call for availability.  If you have one of the emblems listed here, or another enameled emblem  not on this list, its core value can reduce your cost as a trade-in.  We can also restore your original.  If you know an emblem is misidentified, let us know in feedback, Thanks! 

Examples of enameled emblems (click for full size)
assorted original antique enamel classic car emblems #1 assorted original antique enamel classic car emblems #2 assorted original antique enamel classic car emblems #3

Buying enameled emblems

If you have enameled emblems to sell, we will be happy to make you an offer. We are interested in any true enameled emblem, which has a base metal core of copper with inlaid enamel colors. We are particularly interested in emblems from the thirties and forties of popular cars, which are commonly restored or hot rodded.  We generally pay up to $35 per restorable emblem, but that figure can change depending on condition and type.

The pictures shown above are for reference only.  These are not pictures of emblems in stock, although some of them may be in stock. They are all unrestored original enameled car emblems. The pictures are quite large, so that all of the detail could be more easily seen.  Many of them are very rare emblems, and the detail in the photos is such that we thought some would appreciate seeing them. Click on a photo to see a large size one. We hope you enjoy them.

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